Private hospital treatments in Somerset

Simple transparent pricing

We offer high quality, consultant-delivered care without the unnecessary extras.

There are two costs to consider:

  1. £95 for your initial consultation
  2. Your treatment cost, which can be found below:
Ear, nose and throat (ENT)
Procedure Price
Ear wax removal £190
Tonsillectomy £2,310
Sinus surgery (including FESS) £3,240
Septoplasty £2,550
Septorhinoplasty £3,475
Reduction of fracture of nasal bone £1,155
Polypectomy £1,620
Nasendoscopy £875
General surgery
Procedure Price
Removal of benign skin lesions £1,040
Haemorrhoidectomy £2,655
Haemorrhoidectomy (HALO) using THD £2,310
Hernia repair £2,550
Total cholecystectomy / gallbladder removal £5,210
Anal skin tag removal / repair of anal fissure tear £1,620
Avulsion of nail / ingrowing toenail £1,155
Pilonidal sinus surgery £2,895
Eye surgery (per eye)
Procedure Price
Cataract £1,995
YAG laser capsulotomy £520
Procedure Price
Bunion surgery £3,820
Aspiration of Joint £1,505
Carpal tunnel £1,850
Dupuytren’s contracture release £2,310
Ganglion removal £2,385
Knee arthroscopy – level 1 £3,120
Knee arthroscopy – level 2 £4,195
Ankle arthroscopy £4,050
Total hip replacement £10,145
Shoulder replacement £9,955
Total knee replacement £10,595
Revision of knee replacement £17,480
Revision of hip Replacement £17,480
ACL reconstruction £5,790
Complex knee surgery (not joint replacement or ACL) £9,725
Trigger finger release £2,195
Osteotomy – knee or foot – level 1 £4,050
Osteotomy and internal fixation – knee or foot – level 2 £6,365
Shoulder decompression surgery £4,510
Endoscopic shoulder surgery £4,050
Removal of internal fixation from bone £2,550
Manipulation of joint £1,735
Trapeziectomy £4,980
Elbow surgery – cubital tunnel release £1,965
Rotator cuff repair £4,510
Fusion of joints – level 1 £2,720
Fusion of joints – level 2 £4,165
Arthroscopic meniscectomy – level 1 £4,050
Arthroscopic meniscectomy – level 2 £4,195
Shoulder manipulation £2,080
Ankle Fusion £5,210
Morton’s Neuroma £2,310
Injection of therapeutic substance around peripheral nerve £190
Ankle Replacement £9,495
Spinal surgery
Procedure Price
Spinal / Epidural / Facet Injections £1,850
Procedure Price
Colonoscopy £1,505
Colonoscopy with biopsy or therapeutic colonoscopy £1,505
Gastroscopy £1,155
Gastroscopy with biopsy £1,155
Flexi sigmoidoscopy £1,190
Procedure Price
Circumcision £1,920
Vasectomy £1,040
Excision of hydrocele sac £2,310
Frenuloplasty of penis £1,620
Vasectomy reversal £2,895
Excision of lesion of epididymis £1,965
Diagnostic Flexible Cystoscopy £1,505
Procedure Price
Treatment of uterine bleeding £2,390
Pelvic peritoneum procedures £3,475
Hysteroscopy £1,735
Hysteroscopy with biopsy £1,965
Hysteroscopy and insertion of intrauterine device £2,195
Abdominal hysterectomy £5,790
Vaginal hysterectomy £5,440
Colporrhaphy – anterior and posterior £3,935
Surgical removal of ovaries (Oophorectomy) £4,630
Colposcopy £1,155
Sterilisation (cutting of fallopian tubes) £2,845
Diagnostic dilation and curettage £1,505
Mirena coil insertion £1,505
Procedure Price
MRI Scan – one body part £290
MRI Scan – additional charge per body part scanned £195
MRI Scan – additional charge for use of contrast £155
Ultrasound Scan including multiples £180
X-ray £65
Ultrasound Guided Injection into Joint – OPD £645


What is included in the treatment cost?

You get everything you need – expert surgeons and state of the art facilities, but because we directly employ our consultants, we can charge you less than other private hospitals.

This includes

  • The highest quality care
  • A pre-operative nurse review
  • Prescriptions, dressings and equipment
  • Anaesthetic
  • Any overnight stay required
  • Physiotherapy, pathology and histology needed whilst admitted
  • Any post-operative appointments required
  • A named consultant from start to finish

It may not include

  • Any compromise on safety or outcome
  • Diagnostic imaging if required
  • Any hidden extra costs

Finance options

Paying for yourself at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet might be more accessible than you think with our payment plans. Through our partner Chrysalis Finance, we offer approved patients a range of funding options to pay for one-off private treatments. This means you can spread the cost of your treatment using our interest free and low APR finance options, which can be arranged in advance.

Understand our finance options